New college girls have to get rammed

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There is a tradition in this sorority and it is also a part of the hazing games. Every babe who wants to join the group has to show her tight little bottom and get ready for some pounding! This babe is more than ready to show more than just a cool tattoo on her shoulder. She is pushing her bottom out so the blindfolded guy can shove his cock a little bit deeper. The bottom line is that sometimes college girls love hazing especially when they have a chance to reach an orgasm.

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College girls hazing a poor new babe

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When Stacey wanted to become a part of the sorority, she had to do something first, and that something was licking other babe’s tight ass. Before that, the poor barely legal girl had to show her natural boobies for all the other girls who were already a part of that elite group. Sometimes, college girls can be very cruel and they are always in the mood for some hazing, which always involves watching other chicks do all kinds of stuff in a connection to lesbian sex. Licking cunts is one of their sex games.

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Blonde college girl ready to lick some pussies

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There are many college girls out there but not every one of them is a cheerleader. Those of them who want to become a part of the team, have to go through some hazing, and this time it means that they have to eat other babes’ nasty orgasmic tunnels of love. It is not a problem for this blonde chick since she is a lesbian anyway, but for some college girls hazing is not what they like! Man, this girl used her hurricane tongue for hours, and that was not enough for her!

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Let’s run together, let’s run naked

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It was a lovely summer sunny day, perfect for some hazing and these college girls were more than ready to show how determined they are when it comes to entering the group of elite college girls. All they have to do is run naked all around the campus and hope no one is going to see them. The thing about this hazing contest is that only the winner is going to get a chance to join the sorority and that is why they are trying so hard while sweat is dripping from their bodies.

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One snatch for two college girls

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When it comes to hazing, these college girls are world champions. There is nothing that can stop them from using their hurricane tongues and making these lesbian chicks reach an intense orgasm. All they have to do is use their soft juicy lips and tongues and suck their pink jelly beans like never before. Hazing has never been more interesting and it looks like these college girls are going to become lesbians… They love eating meat holes that much and not to mention nibbling each others’ hard sensitive nipples, twisting them and squeezing.

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