Cold water hazing for the new college girls

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There is nothing these kinky college girls love more than hazing, and when it comes to picking some of the new babes, they are always in the mood to pour cold water all over their naked bodies… That is what they did this time. Cold water made their nipples rock hard so they decided to twist them and squeeze them like there is no tomorrow. In the end, some of these four new chicks wanted some more hazing, since they liked the fact that there is nothing they can do at all.

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I don’t wanna lick her pussy!

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I wanted to be in the sorority but I had no idea about the hazing process. These college girls told me that I have to lick a vagina of a completely strange babe for me and in the end I did. It felt nice, much better than I expected, so I kept using my long tongue for about half an hour until she finally came. All the college girls who were surrounding us started cheering. That is how hazing looks like in the sorority and that is what these babes love more than anything.

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College girls hazing with a massive sex toy

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There are many new college girls who are ready to do whatever it takes to become a part of the sorority but before that they have to prove that they really want to do it and that they are more than ready for the task. That is why the time has come for them to show what they can do with a long dildo, and how deep they can shove it up their nasty teen pussies. Now, that is called hazing, and no one does it better than these kinky and horny college girls.

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Summer is their favorite time of the year for college girls hazing

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When the summer ends, new college girls arrive every year and some of them have to go through some serious hazing if they want to be in the sorority. It is amazing how many chicks applied for the hazing this year. It looks like they are into eating pussies more than any other babe and that is why they are more than ready to start licking each others’ nasty cunts like there is no tomorrow. Hazing is even better when these girls look so hot and they all have amazing tight butts.

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Wet college girls ready for wrestling

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When it comes to hazing, it is amazing how dirty some college girls are and they don’t mind that other babes are watching them while they are wrestling while covered in oil… This is not something you can see every day, so enjoy! One of the college girls who wins is going to become a part of the sorority and that is why it is even more interesting watching this hazing fight. They are giving their best while their natural tits are bouncing and their cunts are getting wetter every single second. Amazing!

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